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What is SwipeStation

SwipeStation is an in-venue device that enables consumers to interact with multi-channel marketing programmes in a fast, secure and appealing way. As it tracks campaigns from inception to redemption, it also gives brands a full understanding of consumer engagement.

SwipeStation’s striking physical presence in-store or in-venue provides an innovative solution for connecting consumers’ digital and real-world behaviour. It’s a unique opportunity to create new and disruptive branded experiences.

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Finally Closing the Loop.

SwipeStation was developed as a solution to a problem. To seamlessly close the loop when a user engages whilst on-site or in a venue with the physical space around them.

Building a true holistic view of who is engaging when, where and crucially how they got there.

How Does It Work?

A SwipeStation unit is a screen, scanner and printer in a box, all connected to the cloud. It is designed to live in-venue and interact with a mobile or POS so that, when a code is swiped, it instantly verifies and redeems any promotion.

A customer engages with a campaign - whether online or offline.

The customer swipes the QR code at a SwipeStation unit, located in-venue, for instant verification.

The customer receives a paper ticket/receipt for fast, efficient redemption.

Truly leverage Social.

Instead of just spinning out Twitter and Facebook campaigns that struggle with any form of ROI, what if you could use in-venue technology to truly capture user engagement?

With SwipeStation, we can now connect users on and offline behaviour like never before.

So let’s say an airport receives a negative tweet…

Their social media team can generate a unique code on the fly for the customer to instantly receive a glass of Prosecco, suddenly making that 3 hour wait not so bad…

What we’re usually asked at this point


Why isn't it touch screen?

At SwipeStation we never want to see a queue at one of our units. With this in mind, we believe that when you’re out and about the only touchscreen you need is your own mobile device. This not only means you’ll get quicker verification – with a single swipe – but also allows for a far richer understanding of how consumers engage with your campaigns.

Is it difficult to set-up?

SwipeStation is extremely easy to set up – all you need is power and connectivity. No EPOS integration is required, and our powerful campaign management tool makes changing campaign assets a breeze. The best bit – we take care of the unit installation. Just sit back and enjoy the unrivalled insights gained from our bespoke reports.

Why does it use paper printouts?

Our printed paper tickets allow for integration with your EPOS system in the simplest of ways: they’re designed to fit in the cash drawer of a till and provide a seamless transaction, with no clunky codes for cashiers to enter. Not only that, but they’re printed on thermal paper, which greatly reduces the possibility of fraud.

Can it integrate with my ePOS system?

We designed SwipeStation to work brilliantly on its own. However, should you require it, we have a team of techies who can integrate SwipeStation with most modern EPOS systems.


Why QR codes?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! For us, QR codes are just a means to an end. They are the delivery mechanic that we have found to be the most robust and secure. What’s more, they can be issued in all kinds of ways, from print to email, on all different types of media, even the inside of your favourite chocolate bar wrapper. SwipeStation will never ask you to scan a QR code with your phone – and as long as you aren’t asking consumers to do the same, everyone’s happy.

What industries can SwipeStation support?

The world is our oyster! SwipeStation has a proven track record in retail, hospitality, leisure, tourism and sporting events, but our platform is perfect for corporate events, transport, ticketing, brand activation, charities, libraries, universities… The list is almost endless.  

How will this work for my business?

Take a look at our practical applications. If you can’t see your industry there, contact us. In fact, we love to be challenged, so whatever your business problem, give us a call and we’ll get to work to solve it.

Can I run multiple campaigns?

The short answer is yes! SwipeStation is designed to run multiple campaigns at the same time. This makes it super-simple for brands to get together and maximise potential.


Why can't I just use an app?

SwipeStation is a screen, scanner and printer in a box, all connected to the cloud. It’s in the cloud that the real work happens and we can engage with the unit in all kinds of creative campaigns. An app is great in the right context, but we’ve found that using SwipeStation provides a bigger range of possibilities for engaging your customers in-venue. We can utilise different first touch points, from URLs to SMS and unique printed coupons, making SwipeStation much more versatile than a simple app.

How much does it cost?

We charge out SwipeStation on a weekly rental model, usually from 12 to 104 weeks, but we can provide units for as little as 1 or 2 days, ideal for events. There’s also a small set-up cost for the software and installation. Just let us know how many units you need and how long you’d like them for, and we can put together an accurate quote.

What else can we do with the units?

The possibilities are endless. SwipeStation is perfect for use with loyalty apps, beacons, treasure hunts, mailshots, payment apps, ticketing, brand activation, pop-up promo, long-term loyalty, fortune telling, data collection, CSAT activation. Just get in touch, tell us what you do and what problems are keeping you awake at night, and we’ll come up with the solutions.


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