Make People Smile

Sometimes it’s just about putting a smile on peoples’ faces. It’s about creating that priceless positive feeling towards a brand that turns a passer-by into a brand advocate, who goes on to tell their friends, through social media and in person, about the surprising and delightful experience they had.

People love winning instant prizes – especially out of the blue. Time and again, SwipeStation has proved that their ‘Swipe & Win’ campaigns are a fantastic way of engaging customers in a fun, unique and REAL way.

Finally, SwipeStation campaigns can be measured against pre-arranged Key Performance Indicators – so you or your client can see exactly what return they got on their investment.

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Swipes in 6 Weeks

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Case study – Butlins Holiday Camps

In partnership with Coke, Butlins wanted to surprise and delight their visitors by giving away a host of instant prizes, including free food, drinks and activities around the resorts. Visitors were invited to hug a Coke machine, which delivered a free can. Each can had a unique code on the side, that visitors took to the nearby SwipeStation for a chance to ‘Swipe & Win’.

The result? 135,000 swipes in just 6 weeks. Although it was completely unplanned, sales of Coke went through the roof for the duration of the campaign.

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