What’s Appening With the Kardashian Klan?

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What’s Appening With the Kardashian Klan?

The Kardashians have invaded our territory with their new apps, and naturally I have to write about them. Not because I’m a fan, but because one of the most influential families in pop-culture are shifting the dynamics of technology.

If you’ve managed to download all 4 of the apps, you’ll notice that it’s almost as if Whalerock Industries (the guys who made the apps) created a white label app and introduced a new colour scheme for each of the sisters. Wait a minute, that’s exactly what they did! If making a blog-turned-app is as easy as setting up a WordPress account and sticking a theme on it, how long before more people jump on the bandwagon. After all, aren’t the Kardashians currently one of the biggest pop-culture influences?

A disaster for impulse buyers
Whalerock Industries have included links to all the make-up and clothes that are featured on the Kardashian’s apps so that buying them is only a link, click, and an approval away. If an Apple ID is required to sign up to the apps in the first place, blogging apps of the future could easily cut out the middleman and sell directly from the apps using the security of our Apple IDs, which is also exactly what other apps are already doing.

Apps over websites?

This could be a split second in time where websites face competition because of other digital media. The apps themselves are linked directly to the website and both contain exactly the same content, yet when they were launched it was the app that crashed because of the amount of traffic it was receiving, whilst the website managed to stay intact. It’s safe to assume that this may be because people prefer the app to the website. Also, according to App Annie, Kylie’s app has managed to beat Facebook’s, love them or hate them, but the Kardashians are leaving a mark, even if it’s just a smudge.

Kim Kardashian; Break the Hollywood PR machine?!

In her effort to ‘break the internet’, is Kim Kardashian going to break some websites!? Actually, aside from her new make-up contouring techniques, she isn’t doing anything that could be considered as new. This type of celeb-to-fan dynamic has been around longer than Kylie Jenner’s new lips as Glenn Beck had previously created The Blaze. However, what if celebs no longer needed magazines like Vogue or Vanity Fair to show their photo shoots? What if they no longer needed to employ the Hollywood PR machine because they can self-promote through these apps?

Whalerock Industries also announced that they will be creating apps for Howard Stern and Tyler the Creator. They won’t stop there as they’ve also announced that they’re aiming to recruit another 12-20 performers/brands by 2018. Has Kim Kardashian broken something? After Taylor Swift changed the way we stream music, she proved that celebrities do have an influence on an industry. In just a few years, we’ll see if Kim Kardashian has given life to the app industry whilst destroying PR companies and potentially part of the web industry.

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