Back to University – Your Essential Purchases

Back to University - Your Essential Purchases

Back to University – Your Essential Purchases

We’ve compiled a list of tech that you should consider adding to your bag to make those 9am lectures a little less painful.

Filson Padded Laptop Bag/Briefcase

Filson Laptop Bag

First things first, you’ll need a bag to carry your tool-kit. This bag may be quite expensive with a price tag of £292, but if you think of the value of its contents, you might not worry so much. A regular bag might just do the job, in that it’ll carry it all, but will it have all the necessary pockets that will stop things from getting scratched?

Scratches are the least of your worries, not only is this bag padded but it’ll also protect your electronics from the miserable and unpredictable British weather!

Cocoon Sun Visor Grid-It Bag Organiser – £12.32

Cocoon Sun Visor Grid-It Bag Organiser Black

Speaking of bags, no amount of pockets will help keep all your cables and smaller pieces of tech organised. We recently posted this organiser on our Twitter page, our founder loved it so much that he actually bought one!

It’ll prevent you from faffing around and trying to get the right cable out in the middle of a lecture so you won’t miss a beat. – Free

What do you do if Tom’s hungover, Dick’s bedbound with an unknown virus, Harry is nowhere to be found, and you’ve got a deadline in 2 days on a group project?

With you can collaborate using up to 10 devices, so if you feel like being the bossy one, you can ensure that everyone carries their own weight.

PXS-14 SouthORD 14 Piece Lock Pick Set – £14.99

PXS-14 SouthOrd 14 Piece Lock Pick Set

Listen to us while you still have the chance. Get yourself a lock pick set and keep it in your bag, you can attempt to pick your own lock if the pre-drinks in your room cause you to forget your keys because the campus porters will not be too moved by your 5am lost-key sob story.

Prynt Cases – £80

Prynt Case

The first thing every student does upon moving into their new room? Capturing every moment, it’s a big deal! You’re officially an adult (somewhat), and you want to remember every single moment, once the booze get going you’ll find it hard to remember, so capture them with this instant phone-to-polaroid phone case.

StickNFind – £30


During Freshers’ Week you will probably drink 40% of all the alcohol that you will ever consume in your entire life. As fun as this may sound, when the party makes its way to your room, it is only a matter of time before expensive devices like smartphones are misplaced. If you stick these 10p sized trackers to your expensive items you’ll easily be able to TrackNFind them using an app.

LiveScribe Smartpen – £99

Livescribe Smartpen

If you buy anything from this list, make it this pen. This pen will record everything a student writes and hears during a lecture. Later on when the pen makes contact with the ink from that class it will play back everything that was recorded at the exact same time that the note was taken.

Handpresso – £99


Staying awake will be one of the biggest obstacles you’ll need to overcome, on an hourly basis. Having an espresso maker in your bag might just be the little push you need to get over that late night, or even get you through an all-nighter for that deadline you have at 10am.

If you just can’t get enough of this list, we recommend investing in an activity tracker, our favourite one is the Polar A300, and Bose noise cancelling headphones because even the library is a place to socialise. Also, you can turn your handwritten notes into digital ones using Evernote’s front camera if you get yourself a Moleskin Evernote Smart.

Adjusting to a whole new life during university with pressure from assignments and exams isn’t the easiest thing to do, not even for the most organised of us. All the tech included in this list is designed to make the transition that little bit easier.

What do you have in your bag? What tech are you using to make your academic career a successful one? Take a picture of the contents of your bag and tweet it to us @Swipestation.