Butlins were looking for innovative ways to increase spend, as well as cross-promote attractions throughout their resort.

The opportunity for SwipeStation was to create a campaign that enabled Butlins both to understand consumer behaviour and to influence it, thereby meeting their objectives.

Across the flagship Butlins resort, a ‘scan-and-see what you’ve won’ concept was rolled out. The campaign ran throughout the year with five SwipeStation units placed across the resort in different venues. Every transaction above £10 qualified for a chance to win and the consumer received a unique QR code. This was scanned at a SwipeStation and prizes could be redeemed instantly at the resort. Prizes were tailored to different audiences and ranged from archery and go-karting sessions to a variety of food and beverage deals.


Swipes In August 2015

SwipeStation provided the ability for Butlins to operate smart incentive techniques, with real-time control when optimising campaigns.

For example, if there were ten spare seats at that day’s matinee show, the SwipeStation units, all connected via the cloud, would adjust the win percentages as tickets were given out. Giving away just one ticket naturally drives spend from the guests accompanying the person who received the free ticket.

The early results for the Butlins campaign are extremely promising with 10,000 swipes in the first week alone. The instant win element encourages consumers to try different venues within the resort, as well as increase spend. The gamification of purchases added to the overall in-venue ‘Surprise and Delight’ experience.


First Week Of Going Live


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