Can gamifying health in the West Midlands reduce alcohol consumption?


Can gamifying health in the West Midlands reduce alcohol consumption?

London, 16​th ​March 2015

In a bid to transform the state of alcohol awareness throughout the city, Dudley Council and PharmaLead have partnered with innovative technology provider SwipeStation to launch new campaign, ‘The Drink Shrink’ (

The campaign focuses on engaging consumers to discover their drink personality as well assessing their alcohol consumption. Not only can residents win rewards such as smoothies, pedometers, gym passes and Asda vouchers but they will all also be entered into a prize draw for £100 shopping vouchers.

Rolling out in Crystal, Dudley and Halesowen leisure centres from 16th March for six weeks the campaign will be using Facebook and Google advertising as well as a big street outreach team to encourage the people of Dudley to confide in The Drink Shrink via their mobile device. The short survey will provide insightful results in a friendly and not judgement form, deeming your drinking personality into character categories such as ‘Sam the Supporter’, ‘Michelle the Moderator’, ‘Casual Claire’ and ‘Gary the Guard’. Following the campaign, Dudley Health will also use their outreach team to communicate to consumers they deem appropriate to proactively offer help and support, providing a fantastic two-way platform like never before.

SwipeStation allows brands, venues and retailers to close the loop on their marketing campaigns and track promotions from end-to-end, as well as drive footfall and increase sales. In this health campaign, SwipeStation delivers the powerful combination of guaranteed prizes with cutting edge technology to engage consumers on a critical topic as well as support local business.

David Mark of PharmaLead said ‘We’re really excited to try something no one in the public sector has ever tried before. Using a physical device in the venues around the city is a great footfall driver whilst linking to a very tangible customer experience. The results will speak for themselves but we’re sure the combination of marketing, innovation, communication and technology will mean The Drink Shrink is an extremely successful campaign.

Syd Nadim, Co Founder of SwipeStation said ‘What SwipeStation can offer different to all others is that we can truly offer a trackable prize mechanic. Our system gives Dudley Health not only a strong call to action but also a way for them to real-time manage exactly what’s being rewarded to residents. It means more engagement, better quality engagement and most importantly, an engagement that is also instantly gratifying whilst still being fun.’ will be running from 16th March in Dudley, Crystal and Halesowen leisure centres.



SwipeStation allows consumers to engage with campaigns via digital and print media, boasting a printer, scanner and screen hooked up to the cloud to seamlessly bridge the gap between online and offline. Clients include Saracens, Red Bull, Pepsi, Empire Cinemas, Butlins and Yates’s.


PharmaLead are a new breed of health care provider, fusing clinical and evidence based approaches with leading social marketing expertise. We work in health campaigns and community based outreach, around health areas such as: alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, slips and trips, and vascular health.

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