Why is there a problem?

Stadium bars have (at least!) 4 fundamental challenges:

Slow staff.
Young, inexperienced staff struggle with till systems, bar processes and mental arithmetic – resulting in lower sales, shrinkage and frustrated customers.
Loss of sales.
Fans all want drinks at the same time, and don’t have the patience to queue and get served. There is huge potential for increased sales. Stadiums have a very limited time window to make their money – so every second counts.
Poor Connectivity.
Poor connectivity in stadiums means that ordinary digital offerings are not stable.
Lack of data.
Clubs struggle to gain accurate data on their visitors that would help them provide a better fan experience in the future. The result is long queues, meaning a poor fan experience and loss of sales.

Why is SwipeStation the future?

  • 61% of UK fans would spend more on concessions if their wait time were cut in half.
  • 74% said they would like to pick up an order from an express line at a concession stand if offered.
  • 68% were highly interested in using a mobile application to order food and beverage.
  • 48% of fans say they have abandoned a bar queue at a stadium in the last 12 months.

Why is the solution a piece of paper?

A piece of paper is simply the fastest way of serving
at a bar, because it removes deliberation, ordering and payment from the service area. It’s even faster than a free bar.
The unavoidable high turnover of staff means that till training is a huge challenge.This is the easiest and fastest service method for bar staff (and fans!) to understand.
Fans feel reassured by the piece of paper – their payment has gone through and they have a physical proof of purchase.
Fans feel reassured by the piece of paper – their
payment has gone through and they have a physical proof of purchase.

Why is the solution an app?

  • In order to shave valuable time off the serving process, fans need to access the menu and to make their choices in their own time, using a device they know well.
  • Only through an app can you gain this level of fan behaviour and
    spending data.
  • We are proven to double the Average Transaction Value (ATV).
  • An app enables cash-only clubs to instantly accept card payments.


SwipeStation is so fast?

Wasps Rugby,

Ricoh Arena

Ricoh average revenue through two kiosks (11 tills) is £11,000. The SwipeStation Fast Lanes are producing twice the revenue using half the staff.


Sales uplift (Wasps v Saracens)

Sales per Staff Member

(Ricoh Arena 27/4/19)

Regular Till

SwipeStation Fast Lane

Kingsholm Stadium

Customer Satisfaction Survey: 100 fan responses – July 2019

Gloucester Rugby,

Kingsholm Stadium

Sales at Kingsholm have been consistently strong since launch, and have increased exponentially since our expansion last season.


Revenue generated since launch in February 2018 (21 matches)


Average Transaction Value (season high)

Harlequins Rugby,

The Stoop

The figures below are takenfrom the launch day: Total till revenue for the day:£22,337 Our revenue through the app:£2340


Sales uplift

Leicester Tigers,

Welford Road

Orders since August 2017 (cumulative).SwipeStation has been part of the fabric
of Welford Road for two seasons: trusted, stable and highly effective. Last season the Club added a SwipeStation-only kiosk, housing only pumps & fridges – no tills.


Orders since August 2017

Sunderland AFC,

The Stadium Of Light

The slow burner that was worth the wait! Centerplate expanded the service in August 2018 to cover all concourses. Popularity continues to build.


Growth Year on Year

Sales per Staff Member

Vitality Stadium

Net Promoter Score

(NPS): 61

Darren Walker

“Excellent app, great idea, and will definitely continue to use at my home ground in Bournemouth. When will it be available for away fixtures??”

Alexandra Day

“Really quick and makes it possible to enjoy a pint at half time without missing any of the game”

Coventry Rugby,

Butts Park Arena

Proving size doesn’t matter!

1 bar serving 1500 orders from 2000 attending fans.

Why we’re more than just a queue-busting solution.

  • We provide previously unavailable consumer data: including: who is buying, when they are buying it, what they are buying, how often they buy and how much they spend per visit.
  • We provide a designated client success manager to analyze these insights and send regular reports.
  • We enable you to speak directly to the fans through push notifications. You can now send your customers marketing messages eg inviting fans to the stadium earlier for discounted food & drinks.


With the help of the club we would aim to get a sponsor on board to not just cover the cost but potentially create profit.

  • The sponsor would not only be associated with cutting edge tech and fast, reliable service but would have unrivalled access to the fans through match day and digital touch points (including pushnotifications).
  • Unlike traditional sponsorship, SwipeStation can provide data to
    prove we increase sales in their product. It shouldn’t take much convincing to get a food or beverage supplier behind it!

Sponsorship opportunities include: Push notifications, stand artwork, flyers, screen states, app promotions, staff uniform and many more…

How do we promote the service to gain fan adoption?

  • Promo Staff. We provide promo staff for the launch of the service on match days to interact with fans, help with the downloads & hand out flyers/merchandise.
  • VIP Lane. Sometimes we like to add a VIP edge to our service.we created at Kingsholm Stadium showcasing our unique VIP Fast Lane!
  • Support from the club. We can’t rely purely on match day adoption. We work closely with our clients to provide a pre-match marketing campaign…