How SwipeStation can Drive New Business

SwipeStation is fun, exciting and engaging. No one wants to miss a chance to ‘swipe and win’, so if consumers are offered the opportunity to have a go, 97% will take you up on your offer.

SwipeStation is therefore a great way of driving new business, especially in a retail, bar or exhibition environment.

Handing out flyers is a proven method of gaining new business, but handing out flyers with a unique code that must be swiped in the venue is a new, unique and real way of offering consumers the chance to be surprised and delighted.

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% increase in average sales

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Case Study – Red Bull

Red Bull wanted to drive new sales to their Special Edition Flavours, so we ran a SwipeStation campaign rewarding customers for buying one with a chance to ‘Swipe & Win’.

We delivered an amazing 595% increase in average sales. In addition, 38% of people who received an entry to the prize draw went on to interact with Red Bull online and enter their data.

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