Gain Customer Insight with SwipeStation

Gaining customer insight with SwipeStation is simple to execute and proven to be highly effective. People love instant prizes, and swiping and winning at a SwipeStation creates that priceless positive feeling towards a brand. Once engaged, customers are proven to be more willing to share information for a chance to win a grand prize. During this process, consumers are happy to answer a few questions or provide extra information.

Traditional methods of encouraging consumers to enter competitions are tired and old – with expected conversion rates usually sitting between 1 and 5%.

Time and again, SwipeStation campaigns have produced remarkable conversion results. Below are the percentages of Swipers who went on to engage with the website…

    • Saracens @ Allianz Park – 49%
    • Red Bull – 38%
    • Odeon Cinemas – 24%
    • Pepsi Max – 20%
    • Riley’s Sports Bars – 15%

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% increase in average responses

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Case Study – Yates Wine Bars

Yates Wine Bars wanted help gathering meaningful feedback via their online customer satisfaction survey. They understood that to get customers to fill in the survey customers needed to be highly motivated. We therefore created a campaign that rewarded them for their efforts with a free burger, which was verified by swiping at the SwipeStation.

The percentage of respondents increased by 2078%, and Yates were soon gathering the data they needed to make informed decisions about their business.

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