How Tech is Revolutionising Brand Engagement

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How Tech is Revolutionising Brand Engagement

In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, brands need to be ahead of the game. We’re at a major transition point where consumer habits are evolving and advancements in technology are evolving even faster. Technology has changed the expectations of the consumer, meaning that they now define how and when service should be offered. Consumers are looking for more flexibility, a better service and more channels in which to engage with on a more regular basis.

Instant rewards drive customer engagement

Consumers are much more tech savvy these days, so implementing innovative technology isn’t something that brands can afford to ignore. Competitions that deliver instant prizes are a great example of tech revolutionising interactive marketing (despite the fact that this promotional strategy is not utilised as much as it should be by brands).

Instant prizes appeal to the modern consumer, who wants to find out if they have won something immediately rather than waiting to find out. Essentially, customers want instant gratification and to be rewarded for their participation. It may also give consumers an incentive to stick with that brand – who doesn’t love getting free stuff? Not to mention, brands that use instant reward promotions benefit from driving sales and navigating customers to purchase more.

girl swiping card on a swipestation In SwipeStation campaigns, customers are rewarded for purchases with a unique coupon – for a chance to ‘Swipe & Win’.

Delight customers through physical tech

Although brands try to use websites, apps and social media campaigns to engage customers in the digital world, it is has been proven time and again that real world technology is most effective at interacting with consumers. Tangible objects that people can see, touch and hear bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. These objects are much more effective in capturing and retaining their audience, increasing brand allegiance and creating that priceless positive feeling towards the brand. Websites, apps and social media campaigns aren’t always effective, and don’t necessarily equal customer satisfaction or a positive customer experience – especially if a website or app isn’t working properly or is confusing for the customer to navigate. Brand engagement isn’t built on bad or mediocre customer experiences – it’s built on experiences that surprise and delight!

Prizes can be instant wins such as free food and drinks, discount codes or free gifts, or larger prizes such as iPads and holidays.

Customers want to feel valued and to feel like they belong. Real life technological experiences and touch points help to mould these positive feelings and put simplicity, convenience and efficiency at the forefront for the customer. Innovative technology establishes a two-way relationship that addresses both the needs of the customer and the company itself.

Using tech to improve customer experience

Making a customer experience as seamless as possible is key in creating loyalty between brand and consumer. Data from the Econsultancy Digital Trends 2015 Report shows that making a customer experience as “personalised and relevant” as possible is where the most emphasis is placed to improve customer experience. The report also found that one of the greatest business benefits of optimising a customer’s experience is a higher engagement rate. So brands and agencies working with brands really need to hone in on customer experiences as a major component in driving brand engagement.

What does this mean for up-and-coming brands?

It’s vital that brands are forward-thinking by capitalising on the technology available today. In airports, retailers and hotels, technology is implemented in-house in order to reduce queues, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. We’re seeing tech being used to transform a process that was once painful, into one that now provides a quicker and sexier way of performing an action.

waitrose scanning technology Waitrose hardware enables shoppers to scan their produce while they shop (Flickr: David Jones)

But technology doesn’t just benefit the customer; it also improves sales, footfall and repeat business as well as working conditions for employees, meaning your brand and staff will also reap the rewards.

So what are you waiting for? Brands really need to embrace pioneering technology or face being left behind in an ever-evolving technological world.

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About the author: Adam King is the CEO of SwipeStation. SwipeStation is “an interactive marketing device – a standalone unit that enables brands (or agencies working with brands) to ‘surprise and delight’ their customers in a fun, tactile and affordable way, through bespoke ‘swipe and win’ campaigns.