How SwipeStation can Increase Sales …

Whether it’s for brands like Pepsi, Coke and Red Bull, or for venues such as Butlins, Yates or Rileys, SwipeStation has proven time and again that it can dramatically improve sales.

This is because we create fun, unique and REAL experiences for consumers.

People love prizes, and they love instant prizes even more! They are therefore happy to spend more if it means increasing their chances of winning.

A SwipeStation enables brands to engage with consumers in a way that digital solutions will never be able to replicate. The secret is the the interaction with exciting tech combined with the rush of winning.  This enable our clients to surprise and delight their customers – creating a positive feeling about the brand whilst simultaneously driving sales.

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Increase In Sales

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Case Study: Pepsi asked us to achieve an uplift in sales … and we delivered 71%

Pepsi were looking to improve sales at Empire cinemas, as well as surprise and delight their customers. We ran a 12 week campaign for them, where customers who upgraded to a large Pepsi were given a coupon with a unique code, which they took to the SwipeStation for a chance to ‘Swipe & Win’. Prizes ranged from free drinks and gifts to a week’s holiday in Hollywood.

We increased year-on-year sales by 71% across their venues.

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