Row of swipestation scanners

The problem

  1. Not all fans that want food and drink have the time (or patience!) to queue and get served. There is huge potential for increased sales.
  2. Transient staff struggle with till systems, bar processes and mental arithmetic – resulting in lower sales, shrinkage and frustrated customers.
  3. Queues are too long, which negatively affects the fan experience.
  4. Existing mobile payment solutions rely on connectivity and are therefore unstable.
  5. Clubs struggle to gain accurate data on their visitors that that would help them provide a better fan experience in the future.


The solution

  1. SwipeStation is proven to reduce transaction time from over 60 seconds to under 15 seconds.
  2. SwipeStation aligns with the industry’s ambition of going cashless: to speed up the service, simplify accounting and end ‘shrinkage’ (cash theft).
  3. SwipeStation is simple to install, with no Point Of Sale equipment required behind the bar, and no staff training.
  4. Adopting our system does not require phone connectivity and is therefore extremely stable.
  5. Through the data SwipeStation provides, stadiums can learn more about fans and better understand their behaviour.


Just how fast are we?


“Our aim was to get service time down from 50 seconds to 30 or 40 seconds. With SwipeStation coming in we’ve been able to take it down to 15 seconds.” 

Mike Warren, Head of Concessions. Ashton Gate

Case study: Welford road

Case Study: Usage
Case Study: Uplift

“I usually don’t even try to get a beer at half time because the queues are always so bad. That’s all changed.”

Sheila Kenna

“I found both the App and the SwipeStation machine very easy to use. It was a joy to be served with my order within three minutes of collecting my receipt, on two separate occasions (I am 78, so queuing isn’t my most comfortable occupation!).”

Carole Bond

Delivery Method – The Fast Lane

The SwipeStation units would be conveniently positioned near the bars. Fast Lanes ensure easy access.

Reporting, Analysis, & Data

Data includes:

  • Sales figures
  • Products sold
  • Best selling products
  • Individual spending habits
  • Best customers
  • Recurring vs. New Customers

and more …

The SwipeStation Service

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