Mobile Payment at Matchdays

Connectivity Challenges


  • No stadium in the UK has usable mobile or WiFi internet.
  • To service just 8-10,000 concurrent users, stadium owners need to spend in the region of £1m on hardware + at least £1000 a month on data.
  • There have been a number of very public failures to install connectivity at stadiums, resulting in lawsuits and embarrassment for the club.
  • No WiFi providers offer a guarantee for stadiums. Probably because there have been so many unsuccessful attempts.
  • There are concerns over the life-cycle of WiFi hardware.  The technology is changing so quickly that the fear is investing in a system that is obsolete within a short period of time.
  • The biggest usage spikes are at half time, as people start sharing images and videos on social media. This is the same time people want to order food and drinks.
  • Where stadium WiFi does exist, it’s not predominant in the bar areas. It is focused on the Stands and Hospitality areas.
  • Stadiums have less money than ever – UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations for the 2016/2017 year require clubs to reduce operating losses to within €30m (formerly €45m).
  • Stadium owners are reticent to invest in a service which, with only 20-25 fixtures on average, will only be used a handful of times a year.
  • There has been objection from fan groups to supporters using their phone rather than focusing on getting behind the team.

Case Study: Allianz Park – Home of Saracens Rugby

Saracens were looking to increase food and beverage spend on matchdays, whilst improving the customer experience by shortening the queues at the bar. The results speak for themselves: on the opening day of the season, SwipeStation Prepay accounted for 10% of total sales at the bar, and 70% of visitors who used the service repeated their order.


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