My Marketing journey: From university to start-up

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My Marketing journey: From university to start-up

The beginnings

The future is really looking bright for SwipeStation after its recent investment, allowing Sam (Co Founder) to make his idea a reality – exciting times for all of us involved!

In July 2014 I became the 5th shiny new member of the SwipeStation team, taking on the role of Marketing Exec. Going into a start-up like SwipeStation was brilliant and terrifying all at the same time; with such a small team there really is nowhere to hide, it was up to marketing to make sure we get the recognition this product deserves.

Getting started

With my own desk area, laptop up and running and set up on all useful tools and software; I was ready to start my marketing journey.

Social media and digital elements became a natural daily task, along with my fix of coffee and toast, of course. Within the first couple weeks I definitely found my inner organised self (that I never knew existed!). I got to grips with the primary marketing elements along with my priorities for the initial few months.  My focus was on organising a round-table dinner event as well as ‘keep in touch’ communication programme for our target audience.

Naturally, being a start-up we have to flexible and be lean in our approach, I’ve already discovered that trial and error is a useful good tool for producing the most suitable marketing outcome. Always question, everything! Never settle for first outcome, the more we test and adapt, the closer we come to success.

Making it happen

A great way for me to learn about our audience was designing a multi-touch point comms program just for them.  This is a great cost effective initiative that allows us to introduce SwipeStation in a non-evasive and personalised manner.  The strategy enables us to start a dialogue with potential clients and nurture these conversations over time.  It’s also a super smart way of building the company story in the eyes of our audience.  After analysing our target audience I was able to segment into priority groups and look at the kind of messaging that would resonate.  I also had a lot of fun playing around with the creative elements and sourcing all materials.

Another big focus for me is the world of social media. For someone fairly new to this at a company scale, I found myself quickly getting hooked into the twitter bubble. Focusing on key themes and topics I began to build out social media presence on twitter by tweeting out a variety of article links and discussion daily within these themes. As time went on I began putting out our own content; who we are, what we do and any updates and promotional material we gained, which then linked to our newly developed Instagram page. The progress is gradual and there is a lot to build on but this is something I’m excited to work on and see develop as SwipeStation grows as a company.

Final task at hand is our round table event.  The goal is to extend our reach in relevant industries, make new friends and of course sparking an interest in SwipeStation.  A lot of thought and deliberation has gone into the format, audience, content and venue to ensure we make this a success.  I’ve enjoyed honing my experience with event management and taking care of the finer detail so the whole experience is aligned to our brand values.

Looking forward

As for my marketing journey with SwipeStation, so much is yet to come.  With start-ups and a small team comes accountability.  I’ve learnt its OK to fail, it’s all part of the growth experience and the only way from there is up!  I’m excited to see what the future holds, but I’m sure it’s bright for SwipeStation and the team.