Pepsi wanted to build on their position as a loved brand, and develop a fun and engaging campaign that helped to drive sales and repeat footfall.

SwipeStation worked in conjunction with Empire Cinemas, to deliver a campaign that added a new dimension of ‘Surprise and Delight’ to the cinema experience.

With every Pepsi-Max purchase, the customer received a ‘scan and see what you’ve won’ coupon to swipe at the SwipeStation unit for a chance to win. Instant wins included headphones, free drinks, cinema tickets, as well as entry into a prize draw for a chance to win an HD Toshiba camera or a trip to Disneyland Paris, courtesy of Pepsi.


Pepsi strike rate (sales vs admissions)

Pepsi asked us to achieve an uplift in sales of Pepsi of 5% over the campaign period.

Across the combined venues, the strike rate (sales vs cinema admissions) for a large Pepsi increased by 65%. One of the campaign venues sold just over 15,000 large Pepsis during the campaign period, compared with around 8,000 in the same period in 2012 – an incredible 71% increase in sales. The uptake was so significant that, in one venue, we saw a response rate averaging 1,500 swipes per week.

The results speak for themselves. In addition, the gamification of Pepsi with SwipeStation created a fresh spin on conventional brand campaigns. The instant win element meant consumers were compelled to engage, driving new and repeat sales.


Increase in sales

Empire Ticket 1

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