Despite the rise of social media and collaboration technologies, trade shows and expos are as popular as ever.

However, event marketing has had to evolve to meet the changing expectations of attendees. In order to make a real impact and drive those all-important conversions, exhibitors and venues have had to move away from the brochureware mindset. It’s not enough to stick some branding on a booth in a huge hall and arm yourself with ‘swag’. People are looking for a more interactive and personalised experience, one that anticipate their needs and engages them in the process.

SwipeStation can create a deeper engagement with your brand and ultimately drive sales. First and most importantly, we provide new and enticing ways to get people to your stand with SwipeStation’s numerous applications. These can be linked to any promotion you choose to run, whether on social media or in the venue on the day. Once visitors are at your stand, the SwipeStation units are there to engage them in an interactive and fresh way, while at the same time gathering insights to help you better understand your buyers’ needs.

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Here are just a few ways SwipeStation can work with you at trade events:

Social Media Integration

Use SwipeStation to drive social media engagement on the day, for example by offering rewards for tweets. You could offer customers who interact on social media a ‘scan and see what you’ve won’ digital scratchcard, perhaps for the first 100 tweets or any tweet in the next hour – whatever it is you wish to encourage. Then it’s just one swipe on the SwipeStation unit at your stand – and an instant win all round.

Drive Footfall and Engagement

Leaflets are dead! Instead use SwipeStation to engage consumers and actively drive footfall to your stand, in order to gather sign-ups or kickstart that initial conversation. Use pre-event campaigns to deliver QR codes to attendees, encouraging them to visit your stand to win prizes or enter draws on SwipeStation. Or boost the effectiveness of roaming rights, for example, by handing out golden tickets, which customers need to take to the SwipeStation unit at the stand to see what they’ve won. As well as tracking behavioural data, we can even incorporate a short survey to gather insight. We’ve done this for the likes of the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) already, where we gathered considerable insights from consumers in exchange for a chance to win dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant and other prizes.

Proximity Marketing

The world of beacon technology is opening up brand-new opportunities. For users who have the event’s app installed, SwipeStation can ping them when they walk past different touchpoints (for example, coming in the main door) and drive footfall to the stand. Use it to deliver special time-sensitive incentives, even generating the QR code from the app itself to the user’s mobile, ready to swipe at a SwipeStation unit on the stand.

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