Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The primary focus for most Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands is revenue, with the biggest challenge being holding on to and growing sales.

In an increasingly competitive environment, brands must hold the attention of existing customers and attract that of new consumers by creating a point of differentiation from other brands. Consumers’ expectations are greater than ever, and they are demanding that brands deliver not only value but also innovation and category leadership. The importance of driving trial and adoption, and ultimately loyalty, has never been more important to the bottom line.

SwipeStation is a simple solution with numerous applications. It can help you get the maximum impact from your marketing budget, by using innovation to increase profitability. At its most fundamental, SwipeStation is a campaign marketing tool to deliver and redeem promotions. We understand the need for promotions, whether you’re rolling out a new product line or growing existing sales to fix your brand as a utility in consumers’ everyday lives. All this is underpinned by real-time consumer insights, tracking promotions from inception to redemption and enabling you to anticipate your customers’ needs and demands. On top of that, SwipeStation’s physical presence in a store or venue helps to attract consumers’ attention and engage them in a unique branded experience.

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Here are just a few ways that SwipeStation can work with you in the FMCG sector:

Fresh Spin on Conventional Campaigns

Imagine you’re setting up an experiential marketing campaign. Incorporating SwipeStation units into the in-store or in-venue experience brings an added element of entertainment for consumers, making promotions more interactive and engaging. The possibilities are huge, from digital scratchcards to in-store or online competitions and exclusive offers – all it takes for redemption is one swipe. See SwipeStation in action with Pepsi.

Product Promotions and Advertising

SwipeStation units can be fully branded to fit in with your marketing campaigns. Get creative – and reimagine our units! For in-store product pushes or launches, a branded SwipeStation unit makes an impressive centrepiece to any POS. The units also work well as a way of delivering digital out-of-home advertising. Promotional vouchers can be redeemed on the spot or used against future purchases, driving repeat footfall and loyalty.

Customer Insights and Product Trial

With the simple installation of a SwipeStation unit in-store, you can take your customer insight to a new level. Perhaps you’re testing the water with a new product range or category or simply want to gauge customer satisfaction – we provide a way to find out what your customers really think. Using SwipeStation, you can incentivise customers to take part in surveys in a fast, fun way. And you can track consumer behaviour from inception to redemption. See SwipeStation in action with Red Bull.

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