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The hospitality industry has faced a turbulent few years.  

With the consumer firmly in the driving seat, restaurants, pubs and hotels need to work harder than ever to make the in-venue experience memorable and to deliver real value. The challenge for the hospitality sector is to win over both the hearts and the wallets of its customers.

Enter SwipeStation. We help drive fresh and repeat footfall and ultimately loyalty. Our simple solution has numerous applications to entice visitors to stay longer and spend more in your venue. We help create branded experiences that become an integral part of the consumer’s lifestyle. At its heart, SwipeStation provides operators with a seamless mechanism for handling promotions. In addition, our real-time analytics and actionable data help you to continually improve your offering. We can solve your logistical challenges and have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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Here are just a few ways that SwipeStation can work with you in the hospitality sector:

Pre-Purchase Food and Drink

At big events like the football final or St Patrick’s Day, speed of service is critical. Imagine if your customers had already paid for their food and drink ahead of time. All people need to do is use their mobile or tablet to order their food and drinks and pay in advance. Once in-venue, customers swipe their mobile device at a SwipeStation unit, which prints an order confirmation, a ticket prints which they present at the bar. Not only does this enable you to deal with peaks in footfall, it also guarantees payment upfront. See SwipeStation in action with Saracen’s Rugby Club.

Product Promotions

Getting customers to try new products can be hard and promotional activity can take a lot of effort for limited return. We provide a new and enticing way to engage your customers without the hassle. Think digital scratch card (and we all know how addictive scratch cards are!) – ‘scan and see what you’ve won with every x product you buy’. This not only gamifies the customer experience, but plays to the instant gratification we all crave! For the operator it helps drive trial and adoption and ultimately sales. See SwipeStation in action with Red Bull.

Customer Insight

Gathering meaningful insights from your customers can be tricky. We have a simple and powerful way to collect and reward customer insights on the spot. Imagine you could significantly boost the completion rate of your customer satisfaction survey as well as improve accuracy. A customer simply visits a mobile-optimised website whilst in-venue to rate their experience, they then receive a QR code which is swiped at a one of our units. SwipeStation prints a voucher, which can be redeemed immediately or at a future visit helping to drive loyalty.  See SwipeStation in action with Yates’s Pubs.

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