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Digital connectedness has changed the way we consume and experience out-of-home leisure and entertainment experiences.

As part of their real-world physical experiences, consumers crave digital interaction and often consider their mobile device a part of themselves. The challenge for leisure and tourism brands is to exceed these digital expectations for consumers, by differentiating their offering from that of others. Ultimately, digital engagement will drive new and repeat sales, and can also be used to deliver tracking and insight data, to allow for changes based on performance.

Enter SwipeStation. Our simple solution has numerous applications and we can interact with anything from paper to mobile devices. Connecting digital behaviour with the real world is at the heart of what we do, using our units to engage consumers and enhance their in-venue experience. We have proven success in re-circulating footfall across a large site, in order to drive up-sell and cross-sell, and increase average spend. Tracking and measurability is also key to the SwipeStation solution – we can provide you with the actionable customer insights you need to deliver your business objectives and meet your targets.

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Here are just a few ways SwipeStation can work with you in the leisure and tourism sector:

Increase Spend Across the Site

Say you’re operating a large site, with several venues and attractions, ranging from food and beverage outlets to rides and other special experiences. SwipeStation can help drive footfall to areas of your site that may be quieter at certain times of the day, by incentivising your guests to experience things they hadn’t considered. You can use a whole range of things to inspire your visitors to be more adventurous, such as ‘Kids go free’ or ‘Free muffin with every hot chocolate’. Just tell us what you need and we’ll get business booming across the site – not just part of it. See SwipeStation in action with Butlins.

Simplify Ticketing and Vouchers

SwipeStation can help to reduce the operational burden of paper ticketing. Once a purchase has been made online, a simple swipe of a mobile device at one of our units generates a receipt for immediate admission. In a similar way, you can remove the need for paper vouchers. Vouchers are integral to driving footfall at leisure and tourism facilities, but consumers hate printing them out! The SwipeStation solution means visitors are given a unique QR code online, which they simply swipe via their mobile once at your site. For the consumer, it means no more forgotten vouchers and disappointment. For the operator, increased efficiencies and vital consumer data –  SwipeStation tracks the promotion from inception to redemption.

Immersive Experiences

From treasure hunts to information trails, narratives to puzzles, why not use SwipeStation to deliver an immersive adventure across your site? Fully branded SwipeStation units act as touch points to generate clues, top tips, next steps or information in an entertaining and interactive way. Perfect for museums, theme parks, art galleries, zoos.

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