The retail sector has seen significant changes over the past few years.

The rise of mobile and e-commerce is hard to ignore and bricks-and-mortar retailers must adapt or die. Shifting attitudes mean consumers are looking for a new, more personalised shopping experience, while changing economic times have led to more price-conscious customers demanding value based on their needs at any point in time. Interconnectivity is now a way of life and people expect a seamless experience across all channels. Retail has also become more experiential – consumers expect going shopping to be a lifestyle experience.

Retailers can use these trends to their advantage. With SwipeStation, technology can be harnessed to ensure your brand stays top of mind with an increasingly selective shopper. Our simple solution has numerous applications to entice visitors to stay longer and spend more in-store. At its essence, SwipeStation connects online and offline activity in a seamless way that enhances rather than disrupts the consumer journey. We use real-time data to track promotions from inception to redemption, which also means you can adapt mid-campaign if required. At the same time, SwipeStation’s physical presence in-store adds value to the overall retail experience and offers a huge range of unique branding opportunities to draw in and engage busy shoppers.

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Here are just a few ways that SwipeStation can work with you in the retail sector:

Encourage Loyalty

Take our stylish SwipeStation units and use them as in-store touch points for your loyalty programme. Brand-new beacon technology allows SwipeStation to identify loyal customers when they enter your store, generate personalised offers for them and send these direct to customers’ phones while they are shopping. The single-use promotions, valid for a brief period, can be activated at the SwipeStation unit. It’s a way of connecting promotions on mobile to impulse buys in-store, adding value and entertainment to the retail experience.

Drive and Measure Repeat Footfall

Use our SwipeStation units to give your customers an incentive to come back soon – and measure the repeat footfall. There are many ways to generate promotional coupons, for example a simple voucher at the point of purchase to entice returning customers or a QR code generated by a social media campaign to drive customers to visit physical stores. Once you’ve got a coupon or QR code, it just requires one swipe at a SwipeStation unit to verify. SwipeStation can provide unrivalled insight into the frequency of repeat customers, including from online to
in-store, giving you the chance to hone your offers to be more effective in the future.

Partner Campaigns

Why not join up with a complementary retailer and drive footfall to each others’ stores? Use SwipeStation as the point of redemption
in-store and you’ll benefit from a powerful tool to track consumer behaviour. With extensive reporting on where, when and by whom promotions are being redeemed, you and your campaign partner can get the best value out of your relationship.


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