Despite the recent troubled economic times, sport has continued to thrive, with major events as popular as ever.

However, sports venues and brands have to work harder to attract support and drive new revenue streams. Across the world, we’re seeing ever closer convergence between the sport and entertainment industries, as both sectors continue to rise to the challenge of the new digital technologies shaping the way we spend our leisure time.

Venues and brands need to adapt to secure the attention of these digitally savvy consumers looking for added value – and deliver enhanced experiences across the sporting sector. Imagine the traditional sponsorship deal re-invented, where instead of logos slapped around the stadium, the priority is fan participation in a branded and measurable experience.

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Enter SwipeStation.

We provide a myriad of opportunities to grab fans’ attention and get them engaging with your brand. Our simple solution has numerous practical applications. Connecting consumers’ real-world and digital experiences is at the core of what we do. We use technology to help the punters make the most of the game, whether that’s pre-ordering food and drink, verifying tickets via mobile or simply adding to the overall sporting experience with branded gaming or promotions. SwipeStation can keep a crowd of sports fans engaged and coming back for more. At the same time, for the sporting brands and venues it can deliver great insights on consumer behaviour every step of the way. Game on!


Eliminate ticketing fraud with a single swipe. SwipeStation units can be installed to verify email order confirmations and generate proper printed tickets. Ticket-holders simply swipe their phone or printed email at one of the units, which then issues the official ticket. This solution also reduces inefficiencies for the operator – removing the need to post out physical tickets – and irritations for the consumers – no need to print tickets at home.

Boost Sales

At a big event, all the hospitality and retail outlets at a large sporting venue want a piece of the action. SwipeStation can help drive fresh and repeat footfall across the site, with affiliated promotional campaigns. Using ‘scan and see what you’ve won’ promotions, you can encourage the trial of various different outlets within the venue, helping to cross-promote and boost sales. This kind of very physical instant gratification – think digital scratchcard – is a hit with consumers, giving them the extra kick they’re looking for. See SwipeStation in action with Butlins.


Half time. Just 15 minutes to grab whatever it is you need – a pint, a pie, the latest shirt – at the same time as everybody else. The dream for venues and consumers is to get rid of queues at times of heaviest footfall. With SwipeStation, you can. People pre-purchase food, drink, even merchandising, online and redeem it with a single swipe of their mobile. SwipeStation means every customer can be served in under a minute – and you’ll be one step closer to a completely cashless experience. See SwipeStation in action with Saracens rugby club.

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