Saracens Rugby Club kicks off season with SwipeStation

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Saracens Rugby Club kicks off season with SwipeStation

London, Feb 2015

Saracens Rugby Club is piloting pre-payment technology SwipeStation to help with queue busting. The forward thinking rugby club have been thinking of new approaches for their fans to order and collect their food, beverage and merchandise with maximum ease and minimum resistance to ensure they never miss a minute of the game.

SwipeStation allows brands, venues and retailers to close the loop on their marketing campaigns and track promotions from end-to-end, as well as reducing queues, drive spend and footfall. The new partnership focuses on improving match day experience as well as enabling Saracen’s to move closer to becoming a cashless stadium.   SwipeStation has rolled out two campaigns that enable both pre-pay on food and drink and also a ‘swipe and see what you’ve won’ mechanics, rewarding fans for incremental spend.

The challenge for matches is that customers queuing for long periods of time impacts customer satisfaction and restricts sales.  Customers simply place their order via the app, use SwipeStation to print validate the order, and print a receipt. They then head to an express checkout to collect their drinks. Customers can re-order at anytime with just one tap.

SwipeStation is helping to drive spend in the bar through exclusive rewards and instantly-verified game mechanics.  The campaign encourages spend by rewarding customers who pay out £10 or more with a ‘swipe and see what you’ve won’ coupon, which offers discount vouchers on merchandise, concessions and prize draws with the chance to win tickets to the next game

Syd Nadim, Co Founder and Director of SwipeStation, said: “SwipeStation’s versatility will be used to full effect at Saracens Rugby Club as it problem-solves whilst driving spend and footfall. The platform’s instantly-verified game mechanics will be put to great use during this campaign, ensuring repeat custom, while the innovative drinks ordering initiative will help to reduce queues and increase spend.”

Saracens CEO, Edward Griffiths, said: “We have been looking for a way to get a cashless stadium. The partnership with SwipeStation and Orderly brings us a step closer to that dream and also delivers a better experience to fans. We are aiming to get customers served in under a minute which means less queues and happy customers. This demonstrates the commitment we have to pioneering new ideas and delivering fun and incredible value to Saracens fans.”

SwipeStation allows consumers to engage with campaigns via digital and print media, boasting a printer, scanner and screen hooked up to the cloud to seamlessly bridge the gap between online and offline. Clients include Red Bull, Pepsi, Empire Cinemas, Butlins and Yates’s.


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Notes to editors:

SwipeStation is an in-venue technology platform which allows brands and retailers real-time control over marketing campaigns.

SwipeStation combines digital marketing with real-world, on-site promotions; tracking performance data from inception to redemption.

Use SwipeStation to:

    • Drive footfall
    • Deliver unique product promotion strategies
    • Enhance the in-venue experience
    • Create and redeem vouchers
    • Record customer insights with real-time optimisation
    • Manage CRM and loyalty programmes