Saracens were looking for innovative ways to improve the match day experience as well as moving a step closer to becoming a cashless stadium.

The focus remains on enhancing customer satisfaction and driving incremental spend. SwipeStation delivered two campaigns that enabled both pre-pay on food and drink and also a ‘swipe and see what you’ve won’ mechanism, adding that Surprise and Delight factor. The challenge at matches is that customers queuing for long periods of time impacts customer satisfaction and restricts sales.

SwipeStation enables fans to pre-pay for their food and drink via an app and SwipeStation, so that they can beat the queues and never have to miss a minute of the game again. Customers simply place their order via the app, use SwipeStation to print validate the order, and print a receipt. They then head to an express checkout to collect their drinks. Customers can re-order at anytime with just one tap.


Of people who received a prize draw entry engaged online

SwipeStation helps to drive spend in the bar through exclusive rewards and instantly-verified game mechanics.

The campaign encourages spend by rewarding customers who pay out £10 or more with a ‘swipe and see what you’ve won’ coupon, which offers discount vouchers on merchandise, concessions and prize draws with the chance to win tickets to the next game.

We are already delivering on the goal of serving the customer in 1 minute or less, which means less queues and happy fans. Early results look promising, on the launch game 10% of total bar orders came through SwipeStation and an impressive 50% of people who received a prize draw went on to engage with the online campaign. SwipeStation is helping Saracens pioneer new ideas and deliver exceptional value and fun for its fans.


Of total bar orders that came through SwipeStation

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