What will the tech of Valentines Day 2025 look like?

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What will the tech of Valentines Day 2025 look like?

So it’s nearing V-Day and 2015 is the year seeing soft yet smutty 50 Shades of Cray, *Grey, hitting cinemas nationwide. Disrupting population growth and hardware stores alike it seems …

So seeing as St Valentine’s crowning day is magnified up to the max this year, it seems a fitting time to have a super speculative gander at what the steamy next decade might hold.

Let us begin with the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR). The Oculus Rift, our kick-start-come-king tall tale of wearable tech right now which has got marketers all over rather hot under the collar. But this we all know and have read in our feeds a dozen times since breakfast this morning.

As technologies evolve and merge, the combination of swallowing conglomerates (no pun intended) is where it gets really interesting. What if we add another layer of tech or two in the mix because in doing so, we’re unlocking potential of what we before never dreamed possible.

For those that haven’t tried, an Oculus Rift in its current state is much like a quid arcade down Southend-On-Sea. You’re left wondering why exactly you signed up to an interactive deep-sea dive demo in the first place? Yes, very good I can look 360 degrees but I can’t actually do anything. Bugger, I needed that £1 for some chips later …

So chuck on a LeapMotion and hook it up to a controller and you’ve got some real control over what you can do. You will have full movement via the controller and you’ll be able to reach out and grab things as the LeapMotion/Cam is strapped to your head, reflecting the movement from the camera it picks up.

So say you wave your hand in front of your face that is then mapped into your new reality. You see a picture on the table, you can walk over and pick it up, you can bring it closer to your eyes and flip it over; all with a delicate pinch of the wrist in to invisible air. Neat huh?

I won’t explore the kinky or kooky details of how this could be applied to the adult entertainment industry but without a huge stretch of the imagination you can imagine how various (limbs), scenarios and experiences can be orchestrated through a truly immersive technology.

Now for a bit of fun, a few curious curve balls of ‘what if’ ponderings to get you excited for 2025:

    • What happens when Oculus Rift x LeapMotion x Xbox meets online multiplayer? Jump into the room and join in real-time? Oh, err.
    • Or what if social profiles become your Oculus ‘World’ avatar that you link up?
    • Layered on top of a scripted game or even, some new live recorded material?

    The mind boggles.

    Image: Realtà virtuale, www.optimustechtube.com