Yates wanted help gathering meaningful feedback via their online customer satisfaction survey.

In particular, there was a challenge in connecting online and offline promotional activity, notably the in-venue validation of incentives offered online, when using a smartphone.

Smartphones are great for engaging with campaigns, but they cannot be handed over at the point of sale for security, insurance and emotional reasons. They can’t just be ‘shown’, as this doesn’t allow for validation, and using scanners would slow down the speed of service, which is crucial in the hospitality industry. Equally, it is not always feasible for consumers to print promotional vouchers and bring them to a venue to redeem. These bottlenecks were preventing Yates from gathering the data they needed to make informed decisions about their business and ultimately to drive increased loyalty and revenue.


Percentage increase in average responses

To deal with both the offer redemption and insightful feedback, we delivered a SwipeStation-enabled Yates Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Customers were encouraged to use their mobile devices to head to the mobile-optimised website while in-venue to rate their Yates experience. After filling out the survey in a matter of minutes, the customer received a QR code which they could take to the SwipeStation and swipe. This issued a voucher that could be redeemed immediately for rewards such as free drinks on next purchase.

The streamlined process meant that consumers could give feedback online in a matter of minutes and then receive and redeem their incentive on the spot. This delivered a staggering 2,078% increase in average responses compared with Yates own survey mechanic. The instant and verified nature of the feedback allowed for greater insight into consumer behaviour. The incentivised responses provided a Surprise and Delight element, encouraging repeat footfall and loyalty.

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