General Questions

SwipeStation is a ‘Click & Collect’ service designed specifically for stadiums. It enables fans to order food and drink on their phones which they collect from a Fast Lane at the bar.

It removes deliberation, ordering and payment from the bar service area, improving the efficiency of the staff and dramatically reducing service time.

  • Create your order on the SwipeStation app
  • Scan your code at a SwipeStation (situated near the bar). This will process your order and take your payment.
  • The SwipeStation will print off a piece of paper showing your order - which you take to a dedicated Fast Lane and exchange for your food and drink.

No. The app will work with your phone in airplane mode.

You’ll need a connection to initially download the app, but after that you do not need any internet to use it. If you’re struggling to get connectivity on the concourse try standing outside just for the initial download. The app is tiny (only 17 meg) so it shouldn’t take long.

Placing an order

Absolutely, but be aware that there is a 7 second delay between scans to avoid accidental scanning.

The smart cookies print their tickets off before half-time and go straight to the Fast Lane.

Yes. Take a screenshot of your QR code. You won’t even have to access the app to create orders. Just scan your screenshot at the SwipeStation!

You will receive an email from us as soon as the payment is taken at the SwipeStation. IF YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED AN EMAIL RECEIPT FROM US YOU HAVEN’T SPENT ANY MONEY.

No. You can be anywhere in the world.*

It doesn’t matter. Just create the order again with our 3-click process.*

You can muck about with your order as much as you like. Edit it. Delete it. It doesn’t matter.*

*You will not pay for anything until you scan with SwipeStation