A unique new way of rewarding staff

A unique new way of rewarding staff


Working from home has many benefits….but sometimes a change of scenery is needed and I decamp to the local coffee shop. I’m greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome as I settle in.

Being a great procrastinator I have a quick flick through LinkedIn while waiting for my coffee to arrive. The post at the top of my timeline is from an industry professional, and is a picture of a sign in a coffee shop asking customers to respect the staff and be understanding if the wait is longer than ideal. I’ve seen many similar posts - as I’m sure we all have, like the one below.

(Facebook Post)

With my coffee now in front of me I started thinking about past jobs, abusive customers and how, as staff, we were expected to just smile and carry on. It was part of the job. However, the industry has progressed considerably and abuse is no longer tolerated.

If you are reading this then there is a good chance you are in the hospitality trade. You tip good service wherever you see it because you understand.

But while the general public tip in restaurants without much of a thought, how often do they tip in coffee shops or bars when just getting a drink? Very rarely!

The public are being served by someone who is on or around minimum wage. Their good service comes from a desire to do well… and what do they get in return? A smile if they’re lucky!

So, as Managers, should we take responsibility and start rewarding our own staff more? Many places have “star” awards for staff who have gone above and beyond, but why not create a culture of rewarding good staff by giving the manager the ability to drop a coin in the tip jar whenever they see good practices? This could also be extended to dealing with a problematic customer: the staff member has smiled through a difficult situation; a pat on the shoulder and a coin in the jar goes a long way.

Stadiums at half time, coffee shops in the morning rush, festivals after a big act… these are high pressure environments where standards must be maintained (and where the real money gets made!). Let's let the staff know they’re doing a good job.

Have you ever tried this? Would you ever try it? I’d love to get your feedback on how it went - and even interview you for a follow up article if you’d be up for it.

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