Covid-19 and SwipeStation

Covid-19 and SwipeStation


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take stock on how events are run.    

Safe distancing, sanitisers, minimising contact and safe delivery of food and beverage are now key considerations. We’ve seen a major shift in the popularity of mobile payments from all industries - ordering coffee, drinks in pubs, food delivery, online shopping -  the pandemic has advanced attitudes to mobile payment by a few years in just a few months.

Some younger stadiums have been built with wonderful wide concourses where fans will be able to stay socially distanced from others when picking up refreshments from the kiosks. Other stadiums don’t have that luxury. Most kiosks in general aren’t built for huge volumes of sales, which is one of the reasons why queueing is such an issue. Our challenge throughout the pandemic was ‘how do we prepare any and all stadiums for the return of fans?’. Hungry, thirsty fans who will do just about anything for a pint whilst watching their favourite team. So we got our heads together and built upon our existing SwipeStation service to allow venues to deliver F&B directly to the customer in their seat (we named it ‘Stand and Deliver’). This service is particularly useful when capacity is low and/or concourse space is limited. Our ‘Click and Collect’ service is designed specifically for crowds. Hundreds and thousands of people who now, in a post covid world, cannot and will not queue for a drink.

It turns out going cashless isn’t enough (not that we were surprised). This is because everyone throughout the pandemic became quickly used to the convenience of paying with their mobile and skipping the queues because of it.

By giving the entire ordering and payment process to the customer you’re limiting contact to the bare minimum. You’re also limiting any contact between staff. No tills/screens behind the bar. No dialog with the customer. No cross contamination.

The good news is, fans are desperate to return to sports, events, festivals and other mass gatherings. What is important is making sure you’re prepared to serve them safely and efficiently. This is the perfect time to introduce a mobile payment service - and the fans will be grateful for the steps you’re taking to ensure their safety.

How are we contact-free?

SwipeStation ‘Click and Collect’

1. The SwipeStation prints out a ticket from a till roll - the front and back of which have never been touched by human hands - so no problem there.

2. When the customer arrives at the service area they place this ticket in a tray on the bar - so the server can read it without touching it. The server can pick up and move the ticket around without ever touching it.

Finally, the staff member can use a bingo pen to stamp the ticket so it can’t be snatched out of the box and used again.

‘Stand and Deliver’

  1. Fans order from their phone and the order gets printed behind the relevant kiosk for staff to take ownership of. Only the staff member building the order touches the ticket that prints from the machine.