“With great power comes great responsibility” - the challenge of consumer data and how best to harness it.

“With great power comes great responsibility” - the challenge of consumer data and how best to harness it.


Recently a client got in touch asking for help driving ticket sales to an event at their stadium.

Happy to oblige, we sent push notifications to end users' phones - as well as emails to the relevant segment of our database. This is possible because SwipeStation users tick a box to say they’re happy to be contacted for offers and news. In return we keep them engaged by focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Since our data is basically “beer drinkers who have visited in the last 12 months”, the message was delivered to the right people and the event was a sellout!

This doesn’t always happen. Databases can contain so much information that companies end up bombarding their customers with deals or promotions that just doen't apply to them.

It is now possible to track a customer’s journey around different outlets, pos systems and vendors if the same payment provider is used. This allows the client to pick and choose the systems and vendors they want without having to stick to one supplier - while knowing they can still get unified data and can keep it in a workable format. However, collecting the data and having it in a workable format is only the start of the journey.

I’ve known many places that collect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data but have very rarely seen it used effectively or innovatively. I believe the focus should be on creating meaningful, lifelong relationships rather than just blasting out pointless dross. On behalf of our clients, SwipeStation can send stadium attendees a voucher for a pint on their birthday since we gather all that data. This is nothing new, except that we send them a voucher for their favourite drink - which is a next level insight that few could match.

Not only does this kind of intelligent marketing drive loyalty (and therefore revenue!), but it creates ‘legacy’ - which is the ultimate goal of any stadium marketing team.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think CRM marketing has been executed well - ideally (but not necessarily) within the context of stadium catering.

Email me on adam@swipestation.co.uk... I’ve got some ideas of my own and I’m planning on posting the results in a future blog.