Would you replace your staff with a McRobot?

Would you replace your staff with a McRobot?


Automation vs Human Interaction: what’s best for the catering industry?

Last month it was reported that a new McDonalds restaurant had opened in Texas with no front-facing staff at all. Orders are placed by phone or screen, then collected from an automated area when ready. The only staff in the store are in the kitchens - cooking and preparing the food.

This new store is being heralded as the future and is described as ‘the experience customers want’.

But is that really the case?

As consumers we can see and feel when staff members are under pressure, and know that customer service suffers as a result. Moreover, there is a growing feeling that we do actually want some human interaction in our experience. Being served by a happy, motivated employee is always a joy - even in a fast-paced environment.

Looking at the whole customer journey, I’m all in favour of embracing automation to deal with pressure points, but ideally I want the final product delivered by an efficient, relaxed team member - not a conveyor belt! Both customer and caterer achieve harmony when technology has been used to help the server serve, not replace them.

Here at SwipeStation we feel we have created the best of both worlds. We saw an issue with the F&B service in stadiums and invented a new way of serving fans - while providing our clients with improved staff efficiency. There is still a smiling face greeting your customers, who, although busy, only have to focus on getting product over the counter. An enjoyable, stress-free experience means both fans and staff are more likely to return for future matches… and so the positive cycle continues.

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