We're on a mission to enable stadiums and other mass gatherings to reopen safely and profitably.

Minutes saved queuing

What is SwipeStation?

SwipeStation is a contact-free mobile payment service that has proven to eliminate queues in large venues.

It enables bar staff to serve in 15 seconds with no training - and fans can use the service without any phone connectivity.

How can we help stadiums serve fans safely and profitably?

We are safe

We have developed a new Covid-safe service called “Safety Thirst” that combines our existing ‘Click & Collect’ offering with a new ‘In-seat Delivery’ feature - ensuring contact-free payment from limited attendance to full capacity.


We have solved the problem of transient staff slowing down the process and in doing so solved the problem of queuing for food and drink in stadiums, exhibition halls, festivals and any other mass gatherings.

We are FAST

We've proved that we can reduce service time to just 15 seconds. The secret to our success is that by the time the customer reaches the service area they have deliberated about what they want, ordered it and paid for it. All the server has to do is read off a piece of paper and serve the drinks - so even untrained, unmotivated and unskilled staff can serve quickly and efficiently.

We INCREASE your sales

We INCREASE your sales

We are proven to uplift sales by as much as 25%. This is because we remove deliberation, ordering and payment from the service area. Click here for a Case Study at the Ricoh Arena.


SwipeStation is the only product on the market aimed at mass gatherings and the only mobile payment service that works without phone connectivity. Deliberation, ordering and payment are the responsibility of the fan.

It’s also very difficult for staff to make serving mistakes when the order is on a piece of paper!

We IMPROVE the Fan Experience

The fans love not having to queue and not having to deal with inexperienced, untrained staff.

And they’re going to love being able to social distance while buying a drink!

We provide invaluable DATA INSIGHTS

We provide invaluable DATA INSIGHTS

Understand customer dwell time & spending behaviour - in real time - and convert these insights into loyalty.

Send tailored offers and customer surveys to visitors via push notifications and email.

Learn more by reading


Faster than cashless

How do we eradicate queues?

By turning even untrained, transient staff into super-efficient service machines!

The following data was taken from a typical match day: Saracens vs Wasps – 27 April 2019 – Ricoh Arena...

Regular till

1 server
168 Pints

SwipeStation Fast Lane

1 server
355 Pints

Case Study

Average revenue uplift (gross): 24.5%
Average uplift (less VAT, SwipeStation fees and payment provider fees): 17%
Revenue highlight for one SwipeStation server over a 30 minute half-time period: £36.40 /min


With our breadth of technology and expertise we believe we can solve your challenges around selling food and drink at your venue - and we’d love to hear how we can help you.